supporters sometimes needed!!!

okay,today we'll begin our story with a word of 'supporter'..adkalanyer kter menyangkakn supporter nie x perlu coz quite annoying kan???but sometimes we do need them to console us when we totally not in mood or sometimes they are important to be our backbone kan???yer la..mase time susah tuh dorang ad n bri kter valuable advice kan??kekadang tuh kter x sedar per yg kter sdg wat...mcm sy skang nie...nurdict mmg x tau nk wat pa...xkan nk nangis kowt kan???nk meraung???herm pi mimpilah  nurdict..jgn harap dpt wat cam tuh...nt xpasal2 p tampoi..haha.igt ag x cter ttg 'ibnuhajar' tuh???nurdict still x berjaye pch masuk..then ad sorang kwn nie tlg sy tuk pch masuk umah 'ibnuhajar'..of course la  dier berjaye..kalo x,xde maknenyer nk cter sal supporter nie..then nurdict pown dpt la check result dier...n amat mendukacitakan....dier nie dpt trok...she has to repeat 2 papers more!!!!n time nurdict nie check dier pnyer result,dier mmg xnagis la...she's too calm nothing was going to happen to her!!!to calm!!siap bole bergelak ketwa ngn family ag...bkn nurdict x sedih...melepasla dier nk amik bmw n cct kan???tp nk wat camner?xkn nk meraung,menangis sampai keluar air mata darah..(ad ker?)she has to accept the fact la kan???she has to face the reality!!so nurdict,please struggle for this semester ya!!!don't play2!!(mcm pua chu kang plak,huhu)..okay la..nk bnjirkan kamar...mmg rse trok sgt nie...dunno what to write anymore but anyway nurdict,u must remember on thing!just never give up okay!!be strong!okay,here i have some quotes that will cheer u up..
~Tom Krause quotes~
“There are no failures - just experiences and your reactions to them.”
~Colin Powell quotes~
“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”
~Stephen Kaggwa quotes~
“Try and fail, but don't fail to try.”
~Walter Brunell quotes~
“Failure is the tuition you pay for success.”
remember nurdict,this is not the end of ur life!!get up n fight to achieve ur dream!!please take this note:Success is never final; failure is never fatal!!!!!!!
~okay,i'm off~

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