ok fine,my drawback..

sometimes people ask me what is ur drawback..then when i answered them.,they never believed it..why??herm i don't know..ok..actually,i'm fear to befriend with people from other gender than me..another thing is i am lacking of self confident...but majority of my friend never believed it..argh...every one has their own weaknesses right???and so am i.. 
ok,i have a friend..well i don't think i gonna mention the name..
dier nie nk kate kwn br x la br sgt,,nk kate lame pown x...tp ska kwn ngn dier nie,,,
obviously a guy kan,,,
yup!!mmg sy afraid nk befriend ngn guy but i have to befriend with them..
n kbykn kwn sy skang nie pown ramainyer guy but only people yg btol2 knal  the real nurdict..
tp x suma la yg btol knal...mksdnyer..
nurdict nie akn berkwn ngn guy yg same club,society,group or maybe same camp as i am..
and so as he,,
he's from the same society as i am,,
nk dijadikan cerita..
nurdict nie tersala type kowt....
yer la,,,
nurdict nie agk kasar skt orgnyer...
so he act as herself la kan,
ok,forget about it,,
then with the word,,,
he's sulking!!
and i don't know how to coax him,,,
mmg fail la kalo masuk bab2 nie...
nsb la x termasuk dlm syllabus exam,,
kalo x..pakat x grad la sy kt u tuh....
nk wat camner nie????
i feel so guilty,,,
totally feel that way..
guilty n guilty...
ok,my fault so serve on me...
if he read this....
       dear valued friend...
please forgive me...yaeh i know i'm wrong coz i write those word that u might think it is harsh 4u,,
so sorry... i never do that again,,,please forgive me..don't tortured my feeling like this dear friend..
know what???ur silent is totally torturing me n now i feel so guilty towards u...
i tried to get rid one of my weakness by befriend with u,,,please dear friend,forgive me...last word from me,saya minta maaf....sy mmg x pandai bab pujok memujok nie...even my brothers pown,mne ad sy pujok..ibu sy jerk yg pakar dlm bab2 nie,,,sy tgok jerk la...btw,jgn igt sy pts asa ya,,,sy akn ttp terus menerus tuk mnx maaf ngn awk,,,,huhu
                             ~okay,i'm off~

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