a day with him

smlm sy sudah bertanya ramai org...ap kter nk wat kalo org majuk ngn kter...rata2nyer menyatakan kter perlu mengakui kesalahan yg kter wat n try to beg their forgiveness...so i did all such thing n there's no respond from him,,,that's okay nurdict...don't spoil your mood by remembering all that..come on!!enjoy your day..bagai pucuk dicita ulam mendatang,,,x pown bagai mengantuk disorongkan bantal...my beloved bro ajak kuar p jj...so sy ng rela aty pown p la kuar ngn dier,...besh tau..dah la duk tgok wyg cter kembar siang...kami berdua jerk dlm panggung tuh,..adoyai...ini panggung kami yg pnyer...haha...ok..lesson for today...
  • don't u ever hurt other people's feeling..yet u'll hurt more..
  • don't shy to beg their apology..(be a beggar sometimes ok ma,,,)
  • give them time to heal their wound,,
  • do not force them to forgive u,let them do their decision
yeah it's hurt,,,so people,don't u ever hurt other feeling eyh...btw..come on!!!let us cheer up the day!!pg2 tuh da kuar da...mmg la shopping complex x buka pg2 kan,,,,tp kami p bank sat nk bka akaun..not for me but for my bro..them taking bus to  our destination...yuhuuu...sy menaiki bas!!!nurdict x besa tau nek bas nie,,,bkn per,dier nk p mane parent dier yg anta...tp rinie kan dier kuar ngn bro dier...so dier ikut jerk la mne bro dier nk p...tp ktorang x p main bowling pown...dier pnat kan....smlm dier kja full time.,..so dier pnat..sok pown dier keje,.rinie dier off.tuh yg dier ajk kuar tuh....so i'm having fun with him...da lame tau sy nk kuar ngn dier nie...nk tgok wyg ngn dier....ok stop talking about it...apepown we having fun spend our time together.,.
today is my beloved friend's birthday...we r in the same shoes in the same boat...no different between us accept for the gender for sure,,,i am glad to have him as a fren...hey boy,happy birthday eyh...knp sy ska sgt kwn ngn dier eyh???sbbnyer..\
  • i can bee myself...(no need to Hippocrates)
  • we can talk from topic to another without stop..
  • he always make my day,,,
  • understand me..
that's him!!the one i consider as part of my life..for me,he's my sun...always give me his shine to bright my day..give shine to get rid the gloomy n dark environment..now,i have my star in the night and sun in the day..
"A friend is someone who understand u past,believes in your future and accept u just the way u r.."
tpkan..dier cde mse sy blik u tuh nt...i'm sure i gonna miss him,,hey boy really hope that u've read this but i know u won't..never mind,i want to dedicated this quote to u..
"A part of u has grown in me.And so u see,it's u n me together never apart,maybe in distant but never in heart"
ok..btw,happy birthday to u my deary friend..hope our friendship remain until the last breath of life..n thanks 2 u my beloved brother 4 make my day!!!remember one thing..
"Truly great friends are hard to find,difficult to leave n impossible to forget"

~okay,i'm off~      

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