don't know why,but....

well today is Thursday..according to Dr.Hj.Fadilah kamsah..we must(not a must actually but it is better)to wear in i spell it right people???i just write what i think it is true...but don't u worry..i am ready to be corrected by all of u usual..human do mistakes right???and so do me...
actually i'm fasting today but i already broke it...well,there is something happen in my's hurt u know...just hurt..nk kate x sahur..x plak..bgun skit pnyer awl tp bler pertghn ary mneragam plak kan perut,buka jerk la...bkn pose ganti pown...sunat jerk..(ganti tuuh sy dah wat thun lpas tau..haha)tp mcm syg kan???nk wat camner..skt la...xkn nk tahan kowt..merane la nurdict kalo cam tuh..
okay,now i want to tell to all of u about what happen in my class today..there is something happen in my class tau..

  • new students are already arrived..just arrived(not new students actually but new comers..haha) gentlemen n one lady..(hey,they are not couple tau!!!huhu)
  • we need to learn grammar...(ii just love it!!my fav!!)it is easy right???but dlm klas td,ktorang mcm dak yg x tau pape tau!!like secondary school or maybe primary students????oh no!!!!
  • i need to write my homework in white board..know what???i have a lot of words to add on but it's seems to much la...huhu..
  • this is something u should know....the new comer...gentlemen i mean...he's smoker!!!n he's smoking outside the class...mmg la x sala tp time tuh lecturer kuar sat..nk p department..time tuh gak dier smoke..HUH!!!what a guy!!
  • people said well someone who close to me in the class said that someone always looking at me...n u know who????it is!!!!erk...i hope that is only rumors..
and the class was fren..well i may called her as mr.lem..(REMINDER:the person is a gurl ya not boy...take a note please...)dier ajak nurdict p mkn kat mcD..then nurdict pown ikut la...katenyer pasnie nk p department la tuk wat something...(len kali wat awl2..haha)but that's okay...i accompany her to have a lunch promised,i've treat her..well,my pleasure dear..huuhu
aha...time nie la yg sy  nk bg tau all of u that..mse sy ngn mr.lem  nie nk blik,mmg jln rye tuh xpyh ckp la byknyer keta..kalo lengang tuh...ntahla...then kami pown melintas ngn jayenyer...haha(koya deyh,,,padahal lintas jln jerk..)tp syg,mse nk lintas 1 ag jln...kami terserempak ngn doggie nie...huhu...dier mcm nk serang kami nie mmg x pyh ckp la tkutnyer..mmg dah pgg dah tgn dier...nsbla dier nie a gurl kan...kalo x,pakat kontroversi la...xpasai3 famous...uish..xnk la sy..then ad sorang ag kwn yg agk2 rpt ngn sy mnx tlg tuk amik 1 borang nie kat department tuh...then ktorang p la slpas selesai urusan mr lem,tp sygnyer borang tuh da abis la...huhu...sorry dear...
lastly!!!!mse dlm perjalanan ke ostel..kami pown borak la pasai mr jo..then dier ckp camnie kat sy..
"kau jgn bg ak glak kt ko tau...mne tau 1 ary nt ko ngn dier akn kwin ker ap ker"
oh no!!!please don't u ever say that anymore mr's dangerous tau!!!itu doa...mcm mne kalo dier btol2 akn jd my soul mate in a future???sy x mahu la....huhuh...okay...
lesson today:nothing is possible!!
just remember it nudict!!
~okay,i'm off~

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