nurdict's crazy day...

arinie sy rase sgt geram!!!!sy rase mcm nk mkn org pown ad tau!!!geram sgt!!!!!!!smlm kan nurdict's mind x bpe nk center sgt kan...then arinie mcm2 plak hal yg jadinyer...nsb la ad miss nur...kalo x..mmg xslamat la idup nurdict rinie...suma bnde dier nk mara...suma bnder nk hempuk...ntahla...emo sgt nurdict ase sgt bertuah memiliki kwn yg sememangnyer memahami sy...sapa ag kalo x miss nur...miss nur..tq ya!!!!!i'm lucky to have u as a's a gift from Allah tau to me..
td..nurdict pi terlupa la plak yg ary sbtu nie x de plastik...kalo nk,kne bli kan???so ad sdikit kemoan di situ...then x pe la...miss nur pown ngn rela aty nk blnje plastik...(plastik jerk pown..haha)plik kan nurdict nie???pasal plastik pown nk bler da msuk tesco tuh,nurdict tros p atm nk kuar kan duit(tmpt sy nie suma rosak!!!sengal!!)then xbole plak kuar kan duit kat atm tesco nie...suma atm sy dah resultnyer???HAMPEH!!!!sy ase cam nk hempuk jerk atm tuh!!!gram sgt taU!!mmg msuk tesco nk bli brg tuh ngn mka masam sgt!!!!!!sian miss nur terpakse melayan kerenah sy nie....maaf miss nur!!!sy sgt emosi pown x tau knp sy sgt mnx maaf ya..mmg tujuan sy nk p sane sbb sy mahu bli brg sy bli jerk la brg sy tuh..huh!!nsb bek la ckp...kalo x...sian la kat miss nur sbb kne pnjamkan duit dier kat nurdict nie ha,,,adoyai...then ktorang pown p la mkn...yer la..mmg la nurdict nie emo2 pown kne mkn gak...prut tuh rase gak lapanyer....ktorang pown p la kat food kan b4 ktorang p food court tuh..ktorang terserempak ngn mr jo n dak an...adoyai..asal lak jmpe due gentlemen nie,,,,kat tesco plak tuh...mcm xdak  tmpa len mmg x tgok mka mr jo tuh...xtau knp rase len mcm(just ignore the feeling nurdict!!jgn lyn sgt..)tp mmg len mcm pown bler nurdict pndg mke dier tuh...nk kate ensem x xde la hodoh sgt mka dier...nk kate tinggi x gak tp at least taller than me la kan,....that for sure!tp tuh la...xtau knp ngn dier rase len mcm...okay,stop talking about nk cter pasal ary gler sy rinie...bkn nk bercerita pasal mr jo tuh...then...tibalah kami di food court tuh,,,,hahasy pown duduk la kat meja yg berdekatan...nk tau???miss la yg serve sumanyer tuk nurdict nie ha...sian tol miss nur...x patut btol nurdict wat cam tuh kat miss nur kan???tp nk wat camner...emo pnyer pasal...cum little bit crazy yg x abis for dinner today nurdict yg treat miss nur nie...x pa la...mmg nurdict xberduit sgt tp ad la kalo nk mkn tuh...(siap blnje miss nur ag..)
n now!!i have only 6 ringgit in my hand!!what am i can do with that kind of money..??then i ask miss nur accompany me to withdraw money..thank Allah she willing to accept my invitation...huhu...tq miss nur!!i love damn much!
hope we can befriend just like patrick star n spongebob squarepants..or more sweet then them
whenever i'm down,u're here with me,wipe my tears,willing to lend ur shoulder for me to cry on...
share happiness together...
just wanna say that i'm happy when i have u by my side...
well miss nur,just the quote said..u r great as a friend u know even though u have a lot of drawback..
but nobody perfect kan dear???

"Treasure every moment that you have and treasure it more because you share it with someone special...special enough to have your time and love"
miss nur is one of person that i love damn much!!!yeahh we had a quarrel but we'll still together as a friend..we still love each other day by day...i really hope our friendship will last forever till the end breath of my life..
well it's getting dark right now..need to rest myself..i', damn tired today...see ya!
~okay,i'm off~

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