This person #1


## I know how it feel if I were in your shoes. ##

It's hurt. It's painful but do give a wonderful feeling whenever I think about it. It's a sort of appreciation. Thanks for giving me the chance to feel it. 

You are my precious. You have to know it.
You are the reason why I can stand up on my own feet and express my thought in front of those people.
You do raise me up to face all the challenges, bear with all the difficulties.
No word can describe how special you are to me.

The moment when I with you was the best moment I ever had in my life. No doubt about it.
Thanks for colouring my days. Create a beautiful rainbow for me to smile.

It's hurt. It's painful but it can make me smile for a second. Those things make my day, lift up my mood.
Thanks for always there for me when I'm in need.

You are my inventor. You have to bear with it.
You turn me from nothing to something. 

Dear you,
Thanks for always look after me for all this while. I appreciate that, seriously!
Standing beside me and keep on encouraging me to do something that I may not be able think that I manage to do it. I'm in loss, I know but for this time moment, this is the best way for me to figure it out. Sorry for everything I ever done to you and thank you for all good deed you did to me.

~Short entry I think. Dedicated to that person I guess. 
~Sorry but I'm glad u came (=
~As if I were in your shoes, I'll feel what you felt.

P/s: Everything is going to be fine. 
Hope this becoming Ramadhan can be a platform for me to improve myself to be a better person in future coz practice make perfect (=

~okay,i'm off~

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