This person#2


##Those silly words never disappoint me.##

It was a long time ago since I knew you
As my eyes laid on you for the first time 
My heart keep on beating and all at once I say I like you.

I know we're not meant to be together but I'm grateful to know you.
I know I shouldn't have this feeling for you
'coz you treat me as same as others
I'm sorry for that.

When I was drowning in sadness, 
you never had the intention to cry with me.
When my tears run down on my cheeks,
you never wanted to wipe them away.
All you did was remain silent and listen to what I wanted to tell you.
Those silly words do make me smile again and ease my heart for a second.
You're a great friend I ever met.
Thank you (=

It was a long time ago since I knew you
As I wish our story was the same as Heartstring film (Just a wish not a hope)
I'm lucky to have you as one of my friends today and hope that our friendship will last until Jannah.

Dear you,
You are spectacular that will make me fall for you over again. Stop doing that okay ;)
Thanks for always lending me your ears and heard every single word out from my mouth without whining or complaining. You're awesome and you have to know it! Your silly words ease my heart. Thank you for everything and I hope I can always be your friend forever and being the one that you can rely on when you in need the most.

~Forget about those dumb feeling toward you. It's a long time story.
~You are my friend now and forever. I hope this will last until Jannah.
~Your stupid advice can move one's heart, including me! thanks (=

P/s: Phewww, at last, I manage to publish this entry. Well, it's a long time story.
Ramadhan Kareem friends! (=

~okay, i'm off~

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