##I won't return and change everything in my past. My decision, my life.##

People will say:
" If I have a time machine, I'll return and change all my wrongdoings and the situation will be fine in future."

But I say:
"I won't create a time machine if I have an ability to invent it because I won't learn any lesson about my past and keep on repeating the same mistakes in future. Nothing is going to be fine after all."

This is me and I won't return to the time I made that decision. I know that decision may change my life in future and yeahh, it's happen today. I have to bear it, endure it no matter what.
It's hurt and I have to face it.
This is not about the emptiness of losing somebody in my life but it's about me who too far away from my Creator. I'm sure about it, no doubt I guess.

You are no longer my inspiration, sorry.
Please!! don't make me think that you are somebody that I used to know because You are the best person I knew.

I'll run, Ill fly as far as I can.
I won't ask your help anymore,
sorry if I am too burdensome.

I'll stand, I'll face those people confidently.
I won't seek any encouragement from you anymore.
Wanna step out? I'll be fine with it.

This is me, my decision my life.
I won't use any service from that crappy time machine (if exist) to change my past. I know this will affect my life forever. Our old sweet time together will never be the same and current situation? Ohhh, I hope it's not that sour but maybe you may taste the bitterness.
Thanks, I learnt the lesson now.

Dear you,
You are now my teacher. Why? because you taught me about how  sweet the life is but yet, it's bitter and so difficult for me to swallow it. Oh, another one more important thing that you have to know, thank you for showing me the real you.  

See? I don't have to use the time machine, isn't it? I'll know the truth sooner or later.

~This is an affirmation of my situation and I'm affirm about it!
~Sometimes, we do need to sacrifice something valuable in life in order to have a better future.
~Those memory will always bear in my mind and melted sweetly in my heart.

P/s: Maybe I'm in wrong side. I'm wrong in judging that person, sorry.
Oh, I won't see my laptop for this time moment and I'll miss my drama!

~okay,i'm off~

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