lecturer wanna be

rupe2nyer nurdict menyimpan angan nk mnjd seorang lecturer..maybe she wants to be linguistic's lecturer who teach her student how to pronounce the word correctly..for example,a word 'like',she wants to teach her students how to transcribe the word.As i said before,the word 'like',she will write it as 'laIk'..there's many other word..tp sygnyer...bler time kuiz ritu,dier fail tau...sad sgt tgok dier time tuh..poor nurdict...but i know,she'll okay..since that incident,nurdict nie mmg hardworking pnyer org la...one of her motivation is 
                                  the more difficulties one has to encounter,
                               within and without ,the more significant and 
                                       the higher in inspiration his life will be
                                                                               by~horace bushnell~
so,she always talk to herself that....
     children don't fail when they are learning to walk. They fall down over and over again. It is the falling that teaches them and strengthens them. Each failure is learning experience. And the faster people pick themselves up,reflects on the past occurrence and go again, the faster they can achieve their goals and dreams.
 so,ad 1 pepatah in malay la kan...kalah sekali,gagal sekali or jatuh sekali,kita xkn kalah,jatuh or gagal tuk selamanye kan???nurdict!!!u can do it girl!!!itu br kuiz jerk kan..so,pas nie,u'll grab all da mark in the becoming exam ok dear...please motivate urself!!!owh another verse that may motivate urself nurdict,,i've found it in holy quran..it is on the chapter 13 verse 11 that..but sorry dear,i'm not good in english,so i translate it to malay ok???haha

         "....sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan mengubah keadaan suatu kaum sebelum mereka mengubah keadaan diri merekan sendiri. Dan apabila Allah menghendaki keburukan terhadap sesuatu kaum,maka tak ada yg dapat menolaknya dan tidak ada pelindung bagi mereka selain DIA"
okay nurdict!!here are the thing that u must do!!!!

  •  motivate  urself as much as u can!!
  • don't u ever look back again..
  • study smart not study hard (no use if u study damn hard but u get nothing!!!)
  • ignore what people said to u...
  • get up n light ur future now!!!!!!!!!
last but not least..remember to challenge urself!!jgn la manja sgt diri tuh...diri tuh kata ak x bole wat,nurdict kne lawan...nurdict kata la...ak bole wat la weyh!!!!haha...
             lpas nie,jgn sedih2,jgn down2,nt i'll treat u ice lemon tea ya nurdict??
nurdict says:huhu..love too...haha,btw,tq deary,,,

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