ice lemon tea..

                       ermm tasty!!!
kalau dpt sekotak nie mmg terangkat la dunia sy...
ad cerita tau..
before this, i really hate to drink this!!sour!!!but now,this is one of my craziness...this drink may make my day!!!
ad sorang dorm mate nie,dier mmg tersangatlah gila akn ice lemon tea...tiap kali sy kuar dr blik jerk,dier mst suruh bli ice lemon tea,,,then bler da stp kali itulah tugasannyer,sy berkeputusan utk taste this drink...and know what??? I've addicted to this ice lemon, every time when i want to go out from my dorm or end my class,i'll buy this ice lemon tea...kirenyer mmg x sah kalo shari x minum...uish tahap gila tuh...haha...
nk jd crite,ad 1 ary tuh, sy nie teramatlah teringin nk minun ice lemon tea..then try mnx kat sorang tuh...memula tuh mmg dier xnk bli la kat sy...utk tdk mengecewakan tekak sy yg tercinta pown bli lah 1 kotak ice lemon tea...kang x pasal2 p batu belah batu bertangkup plak..(eyh ad ag ker time la nie????haha)fuhhhhh mmg lega x terhingga la rase nikmatnyer time tuh...mlmnyer...several of my close friend celebrate something kat sy...ble tga syiok2 smbg n chat ngn member,dier tuh dgn tetiber meletakkan sekotak ice lemon tea ats meja sy...pergh....mmg terkejut gilak2 ah...hahaall my friends there stunted and kind of speechless n dumbfounded perhaps...hahah mmg tersangat sangat ska time tuh...then utk tunjukkan rase ska cum touching cum jubilant,,sy pown text la dier...mmg dier x blas la time tuh...bler lelame pas tuh br dier reply my message...i'm so happy that day!!!!thank you very much to all of you coz created such a wonderful night!!!i'm touch u know...huhu
i wish to have u more n more everyday!!!!                                                                                                                                                    
owh my beloved ice lemon tea,u really make my day!!

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