This person #4


#The outspoken sometimes hurt me.#

You are the first person I knew since I've been called as a university students.
You are there whenever I need somebody.
You never leave me even though I did something awful to you.
Unfortunately, you do not have any intention to stay as my friends only.
But I know you have me in your heart.

You are my teacher. Do you ever realize that?
You teach me to be more patience in dealing with difficulties.
In other words, you teach me to become more rational than being too emotional.
Thank you. I can understand it now.
But dear, give time to digest it well.

The three words: I love you 
is always dedicated to you.
Thanks for the sweet memories.

Dear you,
Sometimes, your outspoken attitude do hurt me but I know you are not meant to hurt anybody. Sometimes your sincere and frank speech really teach me a lot about life. Sometimes, you are my inspiration to continue my living.Thank you for always there for me whenever I need someone to hold on. Thank you for not leaving me even though I did that to you before. Ohh dear, my life would suck without. No matter how long we fight, no matter how big the problem is, one thing that I really want you to know, I love you and always love you. Thank you for being my friend :)

P/s: 2nd day of Ramadhan. Happy fasting people.

~okay,i'm off~

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