the scent


##Your scent is my love.##

U r not always there for me but ur fragrance always accompany me, keep on following me wherever I go. I know we keep on seeing in reality but U know what, I am in a relationship with U in fantasy. It's great to have U by my side n I feel like I don't want to open my beautiful eyes to face the fact that we are nothing. Yes, to tell U the truth, we are nothing actually just two person who shared the same God, read the same Holy Book, living under the same sky, stepping on the same ground and breath with the same Oxygen. I have U in every part in my world, wonderful world even I didn't open my shiny sparkle eyes.

U never look at me as the way as I look at U but why the smell of U always embrace me even when I fall into a deep fine sleep? We are not always together n meeting each other but it seems like the smell of U is everywhere!! How suffocating! Don't misunderstand me dear, ur smell is my drug n I'm totally become an addict of ur smell. Wherever I go, it seems like U r always with me. Please give a break dear! I do want to erase U from my heart, the feeling that I have for U. Out from heart, Bring along ur smell with U n don't ever disturb my life anymore.

Now U're gone, away from my heart but then why U didn't bring along ur scent with U? Sometimes, the scent do give me some encouragement to continue my living, to strengthen my heart and help me to focus more on what I am suppose to do in life.BUT! *there's a big but here. U still the music in my fantasy. The music sounds better with U. U r my melody in my dream. In reality? we actually the two different people n have no relationship at all. U r special to me n U have to know it but don't worry, U r just my other half in fantasy, not in reality. Nothing can separate us in my own dream. Why? It's because, I am the one who created the dream, draw the story line n colour the world. Nobody can interfere if I don't allow it!

You are beautiful to me even U act like a fool or being so childish. You don't try to be perfect to impress people around U 'coz U have your own perfection and that side amazed me a lot! You are not that great, just an ordinary people around us but U have an outstanding abilities. last! I manage to publish this entry.
~Lots of grammatical error? well, I'm still learning (=
~Enjoy ur life first before u get into a relationship. 

P/s: These two weeks are so tiring!
Final? ohh God, I didn't read a single chapter yet!

~okay,i'm off~

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