A letter to a friend (=


## The best medicine for all pains is a day laughing (= ##

A person do need a friend even though you may have one in your life.
A person do need someone to encourage them when you have something that you may not be able to solve it by yourself. At the end, you'll feel that the world is betraying you. Again, you'll feel that a person do need a friend even though you may have one in your life.

As for me, I do feel bless to have this people as my friends. I do feel that this people is part of my life and sincerely said that I do love them. They really make my day.

Sometimes, people do not need a long essay to tell other people about what happen in life. They just need to post a few pictures and people can tell what's the story. 
Sometimes, seeing pictures can bring such a memorable event that can make us smile all day as compared to write it on a piece of paper or put it in the diary.

I may not be able to say those 3 word to each of my friends. I don't have that courage to say the words in front of my friends but that's not mean that I don't love them. Again, they really make my day. Filled my day with laughter (= 

Friend, if u able to read all this, I do want to dedicate this poem to all of you. I'm the one who composed this poem but with help from my deary teammates, this poem is awesome by itself

A letter to a friend

My world is bright
as you come by and make my day
fill my heart with laughter
and show me your beautiful smile.
Thanks is a word that I can only say
for every moment you spend with me.

When everybody has abandoned me
you come as a bright 
star, shining on me and you say
you're here for me every day
to make me smile 
and fill my day with laughter.

A day without your laughter
a day without you beside me
makes it hard to smile
I want to live in your bright 
word every day
together without any word to say.

Friends, this moment I want to say
thank you for all the laughter,
I love you more day by day
and thanks for always sticking with me
and making my world right
as yours, and together we smile.

That smile, 
people will say 
that they are envious of the bright
light of ours and the laughter
makes me
shine and glow every single day.

Every single day,
I think of you and I smile
for all eternity, please stay with me
baby, all I can say
is you lift me up with your laughter
and thank you for your love so bright.

I will wait all day and say
thanks for the smile and laughter,
spend time with me in bright.

A beautiful moment I ever had with my lovely friends. Oh, I cannot express how happy I was when I with them in words. 


So, this is it... can  u see those smiling face appear on each of those picture??? 
that day was so happy and such a memorable moment I ever had with these people. 
Actually, there's more but I don't think I want to put all here, let me,myself and I keep it safely.

~ Treasure every moment that you have and treasure it more because you share it with someone special...special enough to have your time and love.

P/s: Ouh, actually, I've another 2 post to publish. I'll publish it as soon as possible (=

~okay,i'm off~

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