This person #3


##We are like Tom and Jerry, always arguing about small matter but still love one another.##

I knew you years ago
I befriend with you for a long time
I'm sticking with you like a twins
You are the pen and I am the ink!

You annoyed me much!
You irritated me much!
You driving me crazy!
But dear, you are the one that I love the most!
I'm willing to do anything for you.
Hey You, Love ya!

We always arguing about small silly things
We always misunderstanding to one another
We always pick a fight against each other
But dear, you got a piece of me
so how am I going to hate you?
My life would suck without you by my side.

You always there whenever I need you
You willing to wipe my tears away
You encourage me when I'm down 
So tell me, how am I going to live without you?

Dear you,
We do share sweet memories together. I love you from the start.  You are Tom, and I am Jerry. We always fighting, misunderstanding, and arguing but we do need each other. I may live without you but there's hollow in my heart that only can be filled by you. Hey you! me love you.

~You have to sacrifice in all relationship. Be sensible!
~Congratulation friend for your new relationship.

P/s: Deleting some memories in my mind is still in progress!
Ohh I need an encouragement to gain my interest in studying!

~Okay,i'm off~

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