Dark side


##Each and everyone has their own dark side.##

I'm no good as everybody see,
I'm not beauty like miss universe or even the models
but hey! I'm beautiful just the way I am.

People tend to judge others by seeing their outer appearance before they know who the person really is. Well, it's true that first appearance is always matter. Please! don't judge me by my appearance before U know me first. Ohhh..I don't wish U to spend ur precious moment just to know mine. It's okay if U don't talk bad stuff behind my back. can ah? Beautiful? heh, everyone is beautiful what.. it's not the only U that have that kind of beauty. Praise to Allah that U have that speciality (=

I've shown U my silly life,
I welcome U to enter my dumb world
but the question is, will U come, join and stay with me?

I'm not a girl who live in the perfect world. I'm not a perfect person too! I tend to make mistakes. I used to act like a fool whenever I'm not in a good mood. I might embarrass people around me if people do something that annoyed me much! I'm not an expert to hide my emotion if it ruined by someone or something. I'm sorry. That's all I can say 'coz I don't have any other words to put in one sentence to make U feel great again. Errrmm, I told U several thing about me. Will U stay by my side as a friend? Never leave me    when I'm in need? Ready to accept me for who I am?

I am me,
living in my own world.
I hardly let stranger to step into it.

I am me,
an arrogant face-looking
especially when I walk alone and not in smiling face.
Hardly to approach a stranger first.

My dark side, my drawbacks.. will u accept all that? To be honest, I easily to make friends but surprise surprise I easily to lose them too. Why? erm, I"m too boring I guess. I don't mind if U no longer my friend but frankly said, I'll feel sad whenever think about it. Sorry if I offended ur feeling. I should be more alert about it. To those who still stay with me, thanks a lot! I do appreciate each one of U. Thanks for accepting me and my dark side. 

~My dark side.. can U love me? will U love mine?
~Forgiveness, that's all I need.
~I have to take my revenge. Fighting!
~Too much mistakes here? correct me then (= 

P/s: Something happen and I'll cry whenever think about it.

~okay,i'm off~

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