stop ..

 hi u all ! 
how u doing? certainly at subang bistari
know what ? i'd watched the Badai Semalam's theater at Istana Budaya around 3.20 pm .. well, it's just awesome u know ! u've to watch it . hehe

yeah i know,
people don't have the right to judge u
they don't know who u are

yeah i know,
people just know us by their first glance
so that's why they keep on talking about u

yeah i know,
first perception comes from our personality
but what if we r not in the good mood 
but what about their character? similar with the personality ?
they r totally judging blindly

guys, just stop okay !
u irritate others ...
u annoyed others...
nobody perfect n u absolutely know about it

guys, come on !
together we create a new world ...
live in equality ...
helping each other, no matter what status u hold ...
spread your love to everything in this world neither alive nor none ...
i know we can create this community ...

P/s : Badai Semalam was awesome but somebody said i'm a hardcore person, sigh =,='
plus, finish my midterm already

~okay,i'm off~

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