nothing but just (=

hi u all!
lama x conteng dalam nie...
well,kind of bz (errrr,benarkah?)
btw,stalker terhormat tuh asyik tnyer pasal blog sy jer,well,i'm here! (=

Let's begin our story...
banyak sebenarnyer nk conteng tp kter bg point saja la...mcm malas jer nk update tp xpa,mase free gak la skang nie,,,

  • I had my dinner at CFS IIUM PJ with all the kdbm members at AMF.
  • Went to MID VALLEY for the first time a day after kdbm's dinner.
  • An arguing between friends..(kind stuck of it)
  • People make an assumption that I have a special boyfriend(do i have it?)
  • Had my Drama's Quiz just now (=

sgt malas nk bercerita...
seriously x tpu pnyer!!!!
cumenyer nk kongsi 1 picture nie la....
mmg nmpk mcm x ok tp sy suka la!!!

terbalikkan kepala anda ya (=

org kate sy rajin wat nota nie...
ouh no,i'm not that rajin okay!!!!
ak sebenanyer rimas byk sgt bnde atd meja nie,so i decided to stick all my notes at wall...
yg atas itu yaknie berbentuk rumah,my time table tau(asyik lpe jer klas kat mne,!)
ok klas ag pas nie...
see u la yer... (=
P/s: i have another quiz on this coming Thursday..
Pray for me kayh...
Btw,all the best 4 ur mid term!

**Don't stress,just smile (= **
~okay,i'm off~

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