nurdict's experience

ad ary isnin tuh nurdict p satu tempat nie..ala bkn nurdict x biasa pown tp time tuh nurdict ngan mr president berdua little bit awkward la kan.. 
nurdict x bape nk besa ngn keadaan cam tuh,,,ala nurdict nie pown bkn la bek sgt pown tp ble dlm keadaan cam tuh nurdict x bape nk biasa..
sepanjang nurdict ngn mr president kat tempat tuh...nurdict nie x kuarkan sesen pown duit dlm purse dier..sumanya di support by mr president tuh...mmg gentlemen la mr president tuh...
bkn nurdict mnx mr president yg beriya nk blnje,,so nurdict pown terima la...
nk dijadikan cerita,nurdict nie terjumpa ngn somebody yg dier admire da most la..
bkn berjanji nk jmpa pown tp terjumpa...
i repeat,terjumpa...
sbb mlm b4 nurdict n mr president tuh p kat tmopt tuh,nurdict called that person n told him that nurdict would came to ur place by tomorrow...
tp nurdict nie x ckp la kat mne then dier nie just play around jak...yer la,,,bknnyer janji pown kan...just mention that nurdict would came to ur place by tomorrow..  
ad 1 quote from John Roger..
"when love comes to you,
don't refuse it by thinking you are not worthy.
you are worthy,
or love couldn't come your way"
ala bkn per,nurdict nie beranggapan dier x bpe nk layak utk dpt suma kalo dier ska somebody,dier akn senyap jerk la...dier sedar sape diri dier yg sbna kan..
nurdict,remember the quote that i already gave u,n please don't let urself down ok...
ok,now let stop talking about that kind of thing,,kta ckp bab len plak..
rupa2nya mr jo tuh bkn 1 jerk wx dier tp more than one la...nurdict pown xtau bpe byk ex dier tuh...
but surprisingly,when nurdict ask about his ex,he tell me tell me da story..
so nurdict can consider as mr jo is honest person..
tp xtau la plak kalo mr jo tell da story the other way round kan..
since that incident,nurdict xbpe nk ska sgt ngn mr jo dier xde la sampai nk benci kat mr jo..dorang still kawan n nurdict ska jerk kwn ngn mr jo nie...btw,mr jo nie gentlemen gak...
ok last but not least...xam fever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nurdict now in exam mood..
so mgkn x bpe nk active in updating new post for da blog..
pray for my success ya...
ad 1 kate2 nie...
please being kind to yourself in moment of stress..
"when the stresses of life in,
take a moment and do something kind for yourself.
Take a bubble bath and have a long soak.
Put on your favourite music CD.
Take a much- needed nap.
Being kind to yourself will open your heart and mind again to the doors of possibility 
and the 
solution to your problem"
so don't get too stress during ur exam ya nurdict!!!!
  best of luck to u!!                                                     

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